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Is Your Car Ready for the Hot Months?

May 31st, 2017
One summer afternoon, go out and put your hand on the blacktop for a moment. Chances are you’re not going to hold it there for very long! While you’re riding along in air-conditioned comfort, your vehicle’s working very hard to get you down the highway. Hot weather puts a lot of stress on your car, in a lot of different ways. Let’s make sure your vehicle’s up to the job: Heat & AC Service Hollywood FL
  • Oil change: Along with enhancing protection against premature wear, oil changes are important to dissipate heat from the engine and ensure your vehicle is protected against overheating. If you’re not sure how long it was since your last oil change, just pull the dipstick. Is the motor oil honey-colored and translucent, is it darker, or is it the color of black coffee with an acrid smell to it? 


  • Cooling system: Coolant is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. The antifreeze raises the boiling point and lowers the freezing point of the coolant, protecting against boilover and freezeup both. It also contains anticorrosion agents that protect against the buildup of scale in the radiator, water pump and heater core. If you can’t remember the last time your cooling system was serviced, a technician can check the coolant’s condition by using a hygrometer and testing its specific gravity. 


  • Tires: This might be the most crucial part – it’s literally “where the rubber meets the road.” Tires generate a lot of rolling resistance and friction on a hot pavement surface, and overheating will quickly deteriorate your tire’s belts and cords. The best thing you can do, even for a newer set of tires, is to check inflation regularly. A tire that’s only 5 or 10 pounds under normal inflation can generate a lot of heat and risk tire failure (not to mention costing you in terms of fuel economy). 
Before you get out on the road to go anywhere this summer, let Family Tire Distributors help you make sure that vehicle’s up to the job. Give us a call today, and let’s give that family car a full going-over before you pack up and leave!  
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