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Tip For A More Green-Friendly Car

February 8th, 2017

At Family Tire Distributors in Pembroke Pines, FL, we know everyone’s trying to get a little more out of every dollar. That includes their fuel dollars, so here are a few Fuel Economy in Hollywood FL tips to help you drive a more green-friendly car and burn less fossil fuels and hydrocarbons:

--Have your air filter changed. The air filter prevents particulates like dust and pollen from entering your engine’s fuel system, where they can do some real harm. Leaving the air filter in place for too long, however, can result in it being so dirty that it impedes air flow. A restricted air flow hurts performance and fuel economy.

--Check your tire inflation. Low tire pressure means poor handling and braking performance and undue tire wear; it also means more rolling resistance, which hurts fuel economy.

--Keep your foot out of the gas tank. That means accelerating gently around town and keeping your speed down on the Interstate. Even a fuel-efficient car’s gas mileage starts dropping off pretty drastically above the 70-75 mph range.

--Use your cruise control whenever possible. Don’t use it in heavy traffic or in bad weather, of course; you need control over the throttle in those situations. On the highway, however, your cruise control can keep the vehicle at a steadier speed than you would ever be able to with your right foot.

--Keep a clean aerodynamic profile. Don’t drive around with a roof container or ladder on the top of your vehicle, or anything else that would cause aerodynamic drag.

--Keep your weight down. Get rid of any excess cargo that you don’t need in your minivan or SUV or truck…even 50-75 lbs can make a difference.

--Keep your vehicle tuned up. An illuminated Check Engine light can mean a problem that is affecting your fuel metering and emissions, so have that checked and repaired.

At Family Tire Distributors in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, FL, we want you to have a solid, reliable vehicle…that won’t break the bank to keep it running and fueled up. Make an appointment with us for your next routine maintenance!  

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