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Why Car Batteries Wear Down

August 25th, 2016

It’s a simple fact. Any battery that’s designed to be rechargeable can only stand so many charge/discharge cycles before it starts to weaken and lose its ability to Car Battery in Pembroke Pines FL store electricity. That’s true of your cell phone and laptop, and it’s true of your car battery as well.

Your car battery relies on a chemical reaction between acid in each individual cell and lead plates. While newer batteries are “zero maintenance” and require no distilled water (which turns to acid), they still only have a limited service life…and the cheaper the battery, the less likely it is to last through its entire warranty period.

While your battery is bound to weaken and fail eventually, there are things you can do to prolong its life and enhance its reliability:

--Corrosion tends to build up around battery terminals and posts, impairing the battery’s ability to charge or even start the vehicle. Corrosion is usually a fluffy greenish-white deposit, or can even be a glassy substance in extreme cases. Use a wire brush to ensure the battery terminals are clean, and apply a special anti-corrosion grease before reconnecting the  cables.

--Have your alternator checked from time to time, and ensure that your serpentine belt (which powers the alternator) is tight and in good shape.

--Don’t ever let your battery completely discharge. Even one complete discharge can be enough to shorten battery life.

With the right care, your car battery will last through its entire warranty period. If you’ve noticed your battery starting to weaken and fail, give us a call and make an appointment at Family Tire Distributors – we’ve got a great lineup of batteries from top brands, at a price point you’ll love! 

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