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Great prices, great service, quirky guys behind the desk but they know their stuff. Saved a ton on my BMW.
Friendly service with great prices. Thanks
Friendly service with great prices. Thanks
Great Price Great Service and Great People at Family Tire...Thanks for hooking me up with 4 new tires at an unbeatable price..
A friend referred me to Family Tire. I was only looking to either plug a tire or buy 2 tires. The staff is very down to earth and friendly. I was informed that I couldn't get away with only two tires - I'd need four. They said it would take a half hour, and they were done in a half hour. I am really impressed and happy that they're close by.
-RocketsRedGlare1812 ‎
Loved my experience with them! Never excited to spend money on car, but they made sure to give me the best deal and quality automotive work.
-kaw10 ‎
This is the Best Tire Shop in all of South Florida. Why go to a auto parts shop that's a chain, with employee who only care about getting you out the door. These are the people who WILL help you save money on you car and make sure you make it home safe this time and every time. I don't know why people who leave bad reviews only post like one sentence, FLAG THEM unless they add more to the their review. This shop is filled with really polite people. Who will help you out when you ask for it.